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Why Sales Consulting is Essential for Your Business Success

Navigating the competitive business world calls for more than just a great product; it demands a robust sales engine to drive growth. At Edamame, we don't just offer advice—we equip you with the comprehensive knowledge and tools you need to build your own sales powerhouse. Our Sales Consulting services are your roadmap to not just reaching, but surpassing your sales goals.

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Our Unique Approach to Sales Consulting

Together We Will Master the
Art of Sales

Email Marketing

Scale cold emailing, Email Deliverability, Email Warmup. Segmentation, A/B testing, and Analytics.

LinkedIn Marketing

Scale Linkedin Marketing, Profile Optimization, Content Strategies, and Targeted Outreach.

CRM/Pipeline Management

Track, Manage, and Analyze Customer Interactions.


Assemble the right Sales Team including Recruitment, Onboarding, and Training.

Recommended Tools

Get hands-on experience with industry-leading tools for scaling Email Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, CRM, and Analytics.

Ongoing Sales Management

Manage your sales operations on an ongoing basis, from tracking performance metrics to implementing continuous improvement strategies.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Watchful

The Challenge

Watchful, a fastgrowing SaaS company with a revolutionary product, was struggling to reach its target audience and generate quality leads.

The Strategy

Our team at Edamame Lead Generation devised a comprehensive strategy that involved a meticulous segmentation of Watchful's target audience. We crafted personalized email campaigns that resonated with potential clients, sharing insightful content that positioned Watchful as a thought leader in the industry.

Simultaneously, we initiated a LinkedIn outreach program where we identified and engaged with key decision-makers in the industry. Through LinkedIn, we shared engaging posts and articles that highlighted Watchful's expertise and the unique benefits of their product.

The Results

The campaign was a resounding success, with Watchful witnessing a 70% increase in lead generation within the first three months. The LinkedIn strategy fostered valuable connections, with a 50% increase in profile visits and a substantial growth in engagement rates. The email campaign, on the other hand, achieved an open rate of 25% and a click-through rate of 8%, significantly above the industry average.

"Edamame has been an invaluable partner, consistently delivering outstanding results and driving revenue growth for us. They integrated perfectly with our team and delivered tons of know-how."

Case Study 2 :PlayerMaker

The Challenge

PlayerMaker, a sports analytics company, found it challenging to convey the technical nuances of their product to potential clients. They needed a strategy that could simplify complex concepts and showcase the tangible benefits of their analytics solution to prospective customers.

The Strategy

We embarked on a journey with PlayerMaker to revitalize their online presence. Our team developed a series of webinars and whitepapers that were disseminated through targeted email campaigns. These materials broke down complex analytics concepts into easy-to-understand formats, providing actionable insights to potential clients.

On LinkedIn, we initiated a campaign that featured testimonials from industry experts and existing clients, sharing success stories and case studies that highlighted the real-world applications of PlayerMaker's solutions.

The Results

PlayerMaker experienced a surge in engagement, with a 60% increase in website traffic driven by the LinkedIn and email campaigns. The educational content was well-received, establishing PlayerMaker as a reliable and knowledgeable industry player. The campaign also generated a 70% increase in qualified leads.

"Working with Edamame has been a game-changer for Watchful. They understand our product and messaging very quickly and helped us in making some of our first (hard) sales. Their commitment to driving tangible results is truly commendable."

Case Study 3: PassRight

The Challenge

Passright, a legal tech company, had a revolutionary service that could streamline the immigration process for many individuals. However, they were struggling to reach the right audience and communicate the benefits of their service effectively.

The Strategy

Our strategy centered around building trust and showcasing the real-world benefits of Passright's services. We crafted email campaigns that shared success stories of individuals who had successfully navigated the immigration process with Passright's assistance.

On LinkedIn, we leveraged the power of video testimonials and interviews with industry experts to build credibility and foster trust with potential clients. We also initiated a LinkedIn group where individuals could share their experiences and seek advice, fostering a community of support and guidance.

The Results

We achieved 18% improvement in email open rates through optimized subject lines, 10% increase in click-through rates with new CTA designs and an Overall, a 22% rise in monthly revenue attributed to email marketing.
The linkein campaign yielded impressive results, with a 80% increase in engagement on LinkedIn and a 50% increase in consultation bookings through the email campaigns.

"Edamame is exceptional. They started providing results almost immediately. Their model has been very aligned with our success. It made a real difference for us."

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

A Lead Generation Agency helps businesses attract and convert potential customers by implementing targeted marketing strategies. These could include online advertising, email marketing, linkedin reachout, SEO, and more, all tailored to generate quality leads that can be nurtured into paying customers.

We offer custom-built, data-driven lead generation strategies that focus on quality over quantity. Our deep expertise in online marketing, content marketing, and cold calling, among other techniques, ensures that we provide real-world, actionable solutions for SMBs and startups.

We specialize in serving Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and startups, primarily in the B2B sector across North America.

Our strategies are multi-faceted and can include email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, and cold calling. We tailor these strategies based on each client's unique needs and industry best practices.

We employ a series of filters, including demographic data, online behavior, and engagement metrics, to ensure that the leads we generate are not just numerous, but also high-quality and relevant to your business.

We use KPIs like lead-to-customer ratio, customer acquisition cost, and ROI to measure the success of a campaign. These metrics help us fine-tune strategies for optimal results.

Yes, we offer comprehensive reporting that includes all key metrics, insights, and recommendations for improvement. Our clients receive regular monthly updates on how their campaigns are performing.

Absolutely. Compliance with regulations like GDPR for European customers and CAN-SPAM for email marketing in the U.S. is a top priority for us.

The timeline for results can vary based on your industry and the strategies employed. However, many of our clients start to see positive results within 30 to 60 days.

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