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Crafting Strategies that Resonate and Engage on LinkedIn

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Why Partner with Us

Choosing Edamame as your Linkedin marketing agency means gaining a partner with unmatched expertise in LinkedIn's unique landscape. We don't just improve your LinkedIn presence; we leverage deep insights and a proven track record to turn LinkedIn into a powerhouse of genuine business opportunities and sustained growth at scale.

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Case Studies

Success Stories with LinkedIn



PlayerMaker aimed to capitalize on LinkedIn's network to forge meaningful connections and set up prolific sales meetings.

The Strategy

We devised a strategy that highlighted their innovation through a series of webinars and podcasts, encouraging direct engagements and facilitating sales meetings with industry leaders.


PlayerMaker experienced a 75% growth in the number of sales meetings, establishing fruitful connections that were more than just numbers.

Our sales meetings skyrocketed, all thanks to Edamame's expertise in leveraging LinkedIn's platform to foster not just connections but real business opportunities.



PassRight approached us to enhance their LinkedIn strategy, focusing on generating sales meetings with potential clients and partners in the legal tech industry.

The Strategy

We honed in on creating targeted content and ads that spotlighted PassRight’s innovative solutions, coupled with a lead generation strategy aimed at scheduling sales meetings with industry stalwarts.


PassRight enjoyed a 55% increase in scheduled sales meetings, paving the way for substantial business opportunities and partnerships.

Edamame's strategy transformed our LinkedIn platform into a hub for business opportunities. The increase in sales meetings has been phenomenal, a true testament to their deep expertise in LinkedIn marketing.



Watchful, an innovative SaaS company, partnered with us to bolster their LinkedIn strategy with the ultimate goal of generating sales meetings and nurturing potential leads.

The Strategy

We built a comprehensive strategy that included optimizing their LinkedIn profile to attract the right stakeholders and implementing a content strategy that spotlighted their services, hence inviting potential leads for sales meetings.


Within a span of six months, Watchful saw a drastic increase in sales meetings by 65%, a testimony to a strategy that was both engaging and conversion-centric.

Edamame reshaped our LinkedIn presence, turning it into a rich ground for potential sales meetings. Their expertise was pivotal in not just increasing our visibility but bringing quality leads to our table." - Itay Kahana, CEO & Founder at Watchful

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in LinkedIn profile optimization, content creation, and targeted outreach to prospects. Our aim is to build a LinkedIn strategy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Our LinkedIn Marketing agency services are particularly beneficial for SMBs, startups, and B2B companies. We focus on enhancing your LinkedIn presence and generating high-quality leads through targeted outreach.

We concentrate on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as profile visits, engagement rates, and lead generation metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.


Absolutely, we understand that every business has unique needs. Our agency offers tailored packages to meet your specific outreach and budget requirements.

LinkedIn outreach is a long-term strategy. While you may notice an initial uptick in profile visits and engagement within a few weeks, substantial lead generation typically takes longer to realize.

Yes, we believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. Our LinkedIn marketing agency offers ongoing support to ensure your LinkedIn strategy remains effective and adapts to any market changes.

Our unique approach focuses on personalized, targeted outreach to build meaningful business relationships. We don't just aim for lead generation; we strive to create lasting connections that benefit your business in the long run.

Initiating our services is straightforward. Simply click the "Contact Us" or "Schedule a Consultation" button on our webpage, and one of our experts will reach out to discuss your specific needs.

We are here to support your growth