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Our Manifesto

Edamame 2023 manifesto

In the landscape of the ever-evolving digital world, the mission of our agency, Edamame, stands firm: to facilitate meaningful connections between businesses. Almost a decade ago, we embarked on our journey as a public relations agency, launching a disruptive, innovative model that demanded our clients only pay for the tangible results we delivered. This model – a direct reflection of our commitment to aligning with our clients’ interests – propelled us to significant success. Our clients found value in our approach, and we thrived in the bustling marketplace, continuously learning, adapting, and growing.

As we moved along this journey, we discovered a compelling need in the market. Despite their satisfaction with our PR services, our clients were still grappling with the challenge of attracting new business. Even those offering exceptional products and services struggled to draw new clients to their doors. The reasons were numerous: a lack of know-how, the technical complexities of modern marketing, the challenges of building an effective sales team, and the scarcity of time.

We recognized this need and saw an opportunity to deploy our expertise in a new direction, in addition to our PR business. Having mastered the art of attracting clients to our own agency, we felt called to leverage this “second superpower” to aid our clients further. This marked the evolution of Edamame from a PR shop to also a B2B lead generation agency, a strategic decision made to assist our clients in attracting more customers and closing more deals.

We remain committed to our original ethos – our clients only pay for success. This model encourages a sense of shared purpose and maintains our alignment with the clients’ goals. We also recognize the importance of seamless integration with our clients, and to achieve this, we work directly with their tools, operate within their CRM, and help develop a playbook that they can continue to execute independently.

Innovation continues to be at the heart of our approach. We persistently explore new tools and methodologies to stay ahead in a noisy world where the challenges for marketers are ever increasing. As the digital landscape evolves, so do we, and we are always ready to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the market at large.

Four years into our transformation, we reflect on our journey with pride and gratitude. Both we and our clients have seen the fruits of our evolution, and we are thrilled by the success of our decision. Our commitment to client success, continuous innovation, and adaptability has been the cornerstone of our agency. We are excited to continue this journey, to keep growing, and to keep helping our clients achieve their goals. This is the Edamame Manifesto. This is our pledge to you.