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We build, integrate and strengthen your internal sales processes


Edamame looks to integrate our team right into our client’s team. We eat, sleep, and breathe our clients, making their success our priority.

Unlock your success

Quick set up

A team of experts

Data-driven approach

Integrate with your CRM

Full transparency

Paid upon success

Drive Sales Growth with Intelligent Lead Nurturing

Leave behind the guesswork and embrace intelligent lead nurturing with our cutting-edge abilities. Through personalized and automated nurturing campaigns, we engage your leads at the right time with the right message.
By nurturing prospects effectively, you can increase conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and experience sustainable revenue growth.

B2B Lead Generation + Appointment Setting

Accelerate the growth of your business and bypass the need for prospecting by leveraging the expertise of the Edamame Strategy team to generate qualified leads.

Results-Driven Sales Consulting

Maximize your growth potential and partner with our sales consulting specialists to drive tangible growth outcomes. Leverage proven methodologies and tailored strategies for scaling your startup.

No Retainers
$250 per meeting

Our Clients Maximize Their ROI

Edamame saves more than 50% of the cost without managerial hassles

Inhouse teamEdamame
Annual salary$60000$0
Training, hiring & set-up costs$30000$1500
Managerial costs$20000$0
Price per lead$0$250
Generated leads200200

The process — Behind the scenes.

Market and company research

Copywriting different messaging (incl. A/B testing)

Building the playbook with the company

Prospect research and validation (a combination of manual and automated tools)

Email warm-up and domain authentication

Outbound and engagement in all platforms

Meeting scheduling

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The response generation process of the system is based on natural language processing and machine learning techniques. It analyzes the input data and identifies the key information to generate relevant and accurate responses. The system is trained on a large dataset of text and uses complex algorithms to understand the context and meaning of the input data to generate appropriate responses.

The premium plugins are not included in the basic package of the system. However, you can purchase them separately and integrate them into your system. It is recommended that you register your premium plugins to receive regular updates and support. Registering your plugins will also ensure that you receive important notifications about any security patches or bug fixes.

The system provides a range of tools and features to track and analyze your business reports. You can easily import your data and create custom reports to track your business performance over time. The system also includes advanced analytics and visualization tools to help you identify trends and patterns in your data. With the help of these reports, you can make informed business decisions and improve your overall performance.

Yes, we release regular updates to the system to improve its performance and add new features. You can expect to receive notifications about these updates and download them from our website. Updates may include bug fixes, security patches, and new features that enhance the overall functionality of the system. It is recommended that you keep your system up to date to ensure optimal performance and security.

Yes, you get access to all the demos and templates with a single license. The system includes a wide range of pre-built templates and demos that you can use to quickly create your own custom designs. These templates are fully customizable and can be easily modified to suit your specific needs. With a single license, you can use these templates to create unlimited designs without any additional fees or restrictions.

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